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Out of Darkness

Price DF $35.00 


  OUT OF DARKNESS  (Arnold, L. 2000) is our first introduction at Daylilies in the Country. This is a 6" flower with 3" petals and 2" sepals and a scape height of 28". It is rich purple,  with a darker halo, and bright yellow to green throat. We named this daylily because of it's sheer beauty. The bright eye seems to radiate out of the dark halo, while being surrounded by the purple petals and sepals. The halo appears as if it is almost burned in. Out of darkness is an evergreen with a bud count of 14. This recurrent plant starts blooming around the first week in May in south Georgia, and continues through the last week in July.  This tetraploid is out of a cross of Charles Johnston X Admiral's Braid.